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UPDATED (5th January)
Flickr user motoyan had published a photo of an upcoming LEGO Lord of the Rings set, however the image has since been removed. The set is entitled 10237 The Tower of Orthanc.

Unfortunately the image published bared the confidential watermark. Because of this we didn't upload it onto the site to respect LEGO's policies.

Since then a new image has cropped up; taken from a LEGO Head-quarters, the image depicts what would appear to be the The Tower of Orthanc on display (as highlighted by the red circle in the image above).

Special thanks to Brick Fanatics for finding this image.

The previous watermarked image depicted the measurements of the set in inches. The measurements in cm measure at 73cm tall and a base diameter of 21cm.

What are your thoughts of the set? Will you purchase it upon its release?

Image source: Brick Fanatics

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