7 8833 Minifigures Series 8 available at Tesco

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Whilst visiting my local Tesco I spotted 8833 Minifigures Series 8 on sale at £1.97 each. There were several boxes on the shelves all of which were open. Unfortunately I could not find any that were still sealed or un-opened.

For a list of the minifigures included please see my older post.

Which series 8 minifigure is your favourite?


  1. Replies
    1. Clearly, judging by your avatar. :D

  2. Need some Vampire Bats for my Vamp. Castle, Lord V has some rogue man bats >:D

    1. and an Alien Villainess for Hypaxxus-8 as his wife :P. I have a whole family of monsters :P

    2. You're going to have a graveyard full of monsters in no time. :D

    3. lol :P I'll have to make a second tower for the castle...I guess.

  3. I hear (though am not 100% sure) they are in Entertainer stores.


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