4 LEGO switching to 5-digit product numbers for 2013

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Say goodbye to good-old 4-digit product numbers as LEGO finally makes its move to stop using the 4-digit product number scheme. These 5-digit product numbers are not un-heard of though, as many LEGO exclusives, promos, and more bear them.

Evidence recently surfaced suggesting that LEGO is switching to a 5-digit scheme after we learnt that the new Hobbit were numbered 790XX. This could mean a new numbering scheme for LEGO instead of using any four random numbers that still haven't been used.

Brickset has also kindly done research and found a growing trend with the current 5-digit product numbers as shown below:
  • 10XXX - Exclusives / Ultimate Collectors Series
  • 20XXX - BrickMaster / Master Builder Academy
  • 21XXX - Architecture
  • 30XXX - Polybags / Promotional
  • 40XXX - LEGO brand retail polybags / seasonal sets
  • 55XXX - LEGO Universe
  • 65XXX - Super-packs

What do you think of the new numbering scheme?


  1. Keep it simple, keep it four.

  2. I was going to post my pretend knowledge of numbers here, but decided it wouldn't work and so put it on Bricki. :P


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