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Sorry for the exclamation mark, but the new LEGO Message Boards were rolled out publicly last Friday (9th). These changes have been anticipated by LEGO fans across the world for many years. The new message boards feature numerous new features including, a profile page for each user, a spellchecker, new emoticons, and new ranks and badges to replace the old ones.

On each users profile page you will be given their rank, badge, join date, last login date, and their total number of posts.

If you joined the message boards before the new one was rolled out, you will also of been given a "Forum Founder" badge, as well as a badge reading "Ye PREVIOUS RANK of olde" and the number of posts you made before the new message boards were introduced.

For example my badge reads, "Ye MasterBuilder of olde 418 posts"

User number 1 of the message boards is Lithium-Admin who for some unknown reason has no LEGO avatar.

What do you think of the new LEGO Message Boards? Do you like the old one or the new one the most?

Image source: Screenshot of LEGO.com

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