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A press release for the upcoming LEGO Ninjago: Character Encyclopedia has just been published. The book is to be published on the 29th October, 2012, by Dorling Kindersley.

The book will be priced at $18.99 in the US, and include an exclusive kimono-clothed Lloyd Garmadon ZX minifigure.

Below is the official press release:
On-sale date: 10/29/2012
ISBN: 9780756698126
Price: $18.99
Pages: 176 full color
Ages: 6+
Also includes exclusive minifigure: Green Ninja ZX

On Monday, October 29, 2012, DK Publishing and the LEGO Group will welcome brave ninja to a world full of adventure, danger, and epic battles with the release of LEGO Ninjago Character Encyclopedia ($18.99; £11.99; Ages 6+), which includes exclusive minifigure Green Ninja ZX. Readers will meet the four Ninja, Kai, Cole, Jay, and Zane, and learn about their various minifigures, weapons, and vehicles. Fans will be introduced to the Ninja’s first enemies, the terrifying Skeleton Army, and will find out everything they ever wanted to know about these bony villains and their vehicles. Also chronicled are the Ninja’s second deadly foe, the Serpentine, where
secrets of this sinister snake army will be discovered, including all the evil Serpentine minifigures, from the smallest to the tallest.

About the Book

This book is a comprehensive guide to every LEGO® Ninjago minifigure, vehicle, and location released to date. Divided into chapters for each series, the first part of the book examines the 2011 Ninja and their locations, weapons, and dragons. Next discovered are the Ninja’s enemies, the evil Skeleton Army, and their vehicles. The second part of the book covers the 2012 sets, introducing the newest Ninja minifigures and locations, and their Serpentine enemies. Ninja Files in this section relate to the most recent set that the minifigure has appeared in, although he or she may have featured in more than one set. The final part of the book has a comprehensive list of all the Ninjago minifigures and sets for all fact-loving LEGO fans!

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