0 Tesco running out of Team GB Olympic Minifigures

SKP4472 | 21:52 |
Today when I visited Tesco I searched the LEGO aisle trying to find the Team GB Olympic Minifigures in the hope that they might be reduced only to find them at full price at £1.97 each. However what surprised me was how few were out on the shelves.

Anyway, a friend of mine was after a complete box full of Team GB Olympic Minifigures for his collection. Unfortuantely there wasn't any complete boxes so I asked a member of Staff who informed me that they don't have any more in stock and that it all they have left.

Could this mean that some stores are no longer stocking them now the Olympics is over? Who knows, but I would strongly recommend buying as many as you need/want before they're all gone, as shops will soon stop stocking them as LEGO stops producing them.

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