0 4181 Isla De Muerta now £7.50 at Asda!

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean set, 4181 Isla De Muerta is now £7.50 at Asda in the UK. The set was originally priced at £19.97 but has been reduced down to £7.50 probably due to the fact that theme was unsuccessful.

Despite not being a big fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise I still bought one as their are quite a few unique pieces in the set that would be of great use in my future MOCs etc...

The set features Jack Sparrow, (sorry, I meant, Captain Jack Sparrow), Hector Barbossa, Elizabeth Swann, and Skeleton Barbossa.

9443 Rattlecopter was also reduced from £22.97 to £17.23, and the Series 6 Collectable Minifigures have been reduced from £1.97 down to £1.40 each. However there was no sign of any Team GB Olympics Minifigures.

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