0 A trip to - Snetterton Model and Toy Expo

CJC95 | 21:56 |
Snetterton Model and Toy Expo is the main attraction of Snetterton Park. I wouldn't go. Just go to Toys R Us or something. Its basicly a toy shop. Its called an expo, because there a a few glass cases with models in.

Obviously the main bit you are interesting in is the LEGO. It has most current themes (not much Friends though) and some slightly older stuff they hadn't sold yet, like Atlantis and Pharaoh's Quest. However, the display is nearly almost made up on older stuff, such as a giant Power Miner monster and an Agents set. Also, on top of the shelves they have lots of old display stuff they clearly are confused with what to do, such as Ben 10 displays and giant BIONICLE figures.

They also had some Playmobil, model trains, really expensive toy soldiers that cost £30 each, some arts and crafts, party and ornaments stuff.

Overall, the "expo" is basicly just a toy shop, so just go to one of them.

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