0 LEGOLAND Windsor reclaims world record for tallest LEGO tower

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LEGOLAND Windsor has now reclaimed the world record for the tallest LEGO tower by no more than 0.1m. The previous record holder for the tallest LEGO tower was in South Korea whos tower measured 31.9m tall. The LEGO tower at LEGOLAND Windsor breaks the world record by 0.1m, measuring a total of 32m (105ft)!

The construction of the LEGO tower involved hundreds of volunteers, used more than 500,000 bricks, and took a total of four days to complete. The completed tower is composed of 160 different coloured sections. At the top of tower are the nine Team GB minifigures with a Great Britain flag on either side. This final section of the tower was put in place by LEGO Master Builder, Per K Knudsen.

Sue Kemp, the divisional director at LEGOLAND Windsor, told ITV:
"We are delighted to reclaim the record for Britain. We last held it in 2008 when it was a mere 29.26 metres tall. We’re very grateful to the hundreds of people who helped create the tower, which is made from over 500,000 bricks. It took four days to build and is certainly an impressive feat."

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