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An image from the latest LEGO Club Magazine confirms that Series 9 does exist and will be released next year in 2013. Judging by the appearance of the minifigure in the image, I'd say that it would be Dr. Splitz, who sort of reminds of Harvey Dent (also known as Two-Face) from the Batman franchise.

The list of all the rumoured minifigures can be found here.

A video has also been posted on YouTube by a user who claims that a friend of his got it for him without the packaging. The minifigure is allegedly that of the Alien Trooper. Without the packaging and official sources, I'd take the video with a pinch of salt.

Image source: Brickipedia


  1. It might just be me but LEGO Club seems to send me the misprint catalouge. I can't seem to find the picture of Dr. Splitz. Anyways, I can't find the image now but I have seen that minifigure somewhere else, or at least the parts....

    1. LEGO does seem to print many different variants of the LEGO Club Magazine, and I do believe that this one was given to residents of Poland.

  2. So where is the picture? All I see is a video. Not helpful while on a train surfing on an iPhone.

    1. Hi, and thanks for your feedback. I viewed this page on my iPhone via Safari and found no problems with viewing the image or video. The page may have not fully loaded on your iPhone or there was a technical difficulty with your browser or the website. I'd suggest refreshing the page on your browser. If this problems persists please contact us. Thanks.


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