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The official release date for the upcoming theme, Legends of Chima, has just been announced. The theme will makes its début on December 26th, 2012.

The news was announced on the French LEGO Club website. The text from the website has been translated by Allen from The Brick Fan into English.

The text reads as follows:
Legend begins December 26th …
In a world of mystery and magic, animal tribes fighting for a precious energy source that increases power.

Since the dawn of time, there is peace in this world, but now peaceful balance is destabilized to control this power …

The world is on the verge of sinking into a ferocious battle between good and evil!

Who will survive?? Get fast preview Legends of LEGO products Chima on December 26 in your favorite stores!

For any purchase, you will be offered exclusive goodies!

See conditions in store – within the limits of available stocks.

What do you think of the latest information direct from LEGO.com? Do you think Legends of Chima will be a success?

Image source: Brickipedia

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