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A couple of weeks ago, Papercutz kindly sent all four LEGO Ninjago Graphic novels to me to read and review.

The first book in the LEGO Ninjago graphic novel series is entitled "The Challenge of Samukai!" and consists of 64 pages. The graphic novel was released on 8th November, 2011 and was written by Greg Farshtey and illustrated by Paulo Henrique.

The paperback variant of the book is priced at $6.99 US / $7.99 CAN and can be purchased from Papercutz.com. The hardcover variant is $10.99 US.

When I first received the books I was expecting to have to read up about the background of Ninjago in order to understand the basic concepts within the world of Ninjago. However I was proven wrong.


The blurb reads as follows:
A Fatal Gambit!
Sensei Wu has trained Cole, Zane, Jay, and Kai to be Masters of Spinjitzu, and together they defend the world of Ninjago from the dark forces of the Underworld. But when Samukai boasts that he can defeat Sensei Wu and his four young ninja, Garmadon takes him up on his bet!

The book begins by introducing us to the five Masters of Spinjitzu (Jay, Cole, Zane, Kai, and Nya). On the first page of the story it provides us with background information on the key concepts within the world of Ninjago.

In summary the story is about how Samukai feels his leadership is threatened by Lord Garmadons presence in the Underworld and hence decides to create a wager with Garmadon. To win the wager Samukai has to destroy all the ninja and Sensei Wu. If Samukai wins, Garmadon will serve Samukai and Samukai will own the world of Ninjago. However if Samukai loses the wager, Garmadon will take full control of the Underworld and Ninjago.

Now I don't want to ruin or spoil the book for anyone so if you're wanting to find out what happens to the ninja, and who wins the wager, you'll have to purchase the book and read it for yourself.

The story features several twists and turns that remain unanticipated throughout the story. For example, when Kai enters the Crystal Caves, I expected him to be taken hostage by a load of Samukai's skeleton soliders. However, instead he walks out slightly dizzy. This left me bewildered and confused causing me to question why Kai was purposly taken into the Crystal Caves. When Kai later returned to the camp he was attacked by his fellow Ninja. This led me to jump to the conclusion that the ninja weren't the real ninja, and that they'd been replaced with skeletons in disguise. However, once again, I was wrong. Kai turned out to be the bad guy as he now bared the appearance of a skeleton. Hence explaining why the Ninjas attempted to attack him.

This brilliant writing technique by Greg Farshtey kept me enthused in the book and unable to stop reading until I had finished.


The graphics within this graphic novel are beyond outstanding! Paulo Henrique has really exceeded my expectations for graphic novel, creating realistic illustrations of the ninja and the world of Ninjago. Hats off to you Paulo Henrique!


In conclusion the first graphic novel of the LEGO Ninjago series truly was a great story start it off from. The graphics are beyond outstanding the storyline is full of twists and turns that have kept me enthused in the graphic novel.

This is a must have for any LEGO Ninjago fan and I would most certainly recommend this to a friend!

Once again, thanks to Papercutz for sending me copies of the books to read and review, it's greatly appreciated!

Purchase your copy of the book today from Papercutz!


  1. Papercutz gave you books to review?! Why does nobody ever give me free stuff? :P

    1. I still have another three books to review yet. :P The review for the second book should up this Sunday. :)


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