0 Boy aged 6 had LEGO piece up his nose for 3 years

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A boy called Isaak Lasson, aged 6 years old, had a LEGO piece up his nose for three years. Isaak had been suffering from sinus problems for the past three years and had a check-up last week which identified a LEGO piece present up his nose.

How this LEGO piece ended up in Isaaks nose remains a mystery to everyone including Isaak who has no recollection of putting it up his nose. His father Craig Lasson told KSL TV, "I felt so bad. Isaak was sleeping with his mouth open, trying to breathe,".

During the long three years that Isaak suffered from sinus problems, doctors prescribed anti-biotics which of course didn't work. At the end of July, his parents took him to a new doctor who asked Isaak if he had ever put something up his nose before.

Isaak admitted to putting stuff up his nose before saying, "I put some spaghetti up there, but that was a long time ago,".

When the doctor examined Isaaks nose he found no trace of the mystery spaghetti but did find the cause of sinus problems, a flexible LEGO tyre. His dad was amazed that the piece had got stuck up his nose as it was very big and believes that Isaak "bent it in half - it's pretty flexible - and that it opened up once it got into his sinuses.".

The piece has since been removed and his dad says that Isaak is now breathing easier and sleeping soundly.

Thanks to the Daily Mail / Mail Online for the news.

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