3 2013 themes: Speedorz and Legends of Chima

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According to Brickset, two new trademarks have been registered by LEGO, and are called "Speedorz", and "Legends of Chima". Judging by the names of the trademarks I'd say it would be a safe bet to say that the new Speedorz theme is something to do with racing and that Legends of Chima has something to do with history. Either of these themes could replace Ninjago at the end of 2013.

What do you think of the theme names?

Thanks to Brickset for the news.


  1. Either of these two seem like they could replace Ninjago- Speedorz sounds very "actiony", and Chima obviously has a more historical vibe... Just judging from the names, it's almost as if they were splitting Ninjago into two different spiritual successors.

  2. Both of the names sound terrible. Especially Speedorz.

    1. That's basically the situation in a nutshell. :P


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