0 LEGO Minecraft shipping now, Hayabusa shipping soon

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Today LEGO announced on their LEGO CUUSOO blog that 21102 Micro World is shipping now and that 21101 Hayabusa will be shipping soon from July 8th.

LEGO left the following message on their CUUSOO blog:

"We're happy to announce that LEGO Minecraft Micro World is now shipping! If you pre-ordered your LEGO Minecraft set on J!NX, they began shipping pre-orders in the order received starting June 13, so if you have not received it yet, look forward to it arriving soon."

"If you haven't gotten yours yet and are you are purchasing other Minecraft-related merchandise, your best bet is to order your Minecraft set from J!NX. If you're ordering other LEGO sets or are building up your VIP Points, you can order from LEGO Shop at Home. LEGO Minecraft Micro World retails for $34.99 / €34,99."

"Hayabusa, the second LEGO CUUSOO set, is on sale now in Japan and will be available to order from shop.LEGO.com starting July 8 and will be sold online to all 23 countries that shop.LEGO.com services and retail at $49.00 / €49,00."

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