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Guest contributor, Jeyo from Brickipedia talks about a CUUSOO project nearing 10,000 votes.

Several creations on CUUSOO stand out, as they are nearing the required 10,000 votes to enter the review stage, in which The LEGO Company will decide whether or not to officially release the set. One of these creations is the Exo Suit, which is currently at 8,320 votes.

The Exo Suit makes great use of many small and intricate pieces, using them in ways not commonly seen. The suit also comes with one minifigure that can be seated in a cockpit in the center of the torso.

If this is a set you think is worth buying, click the 'support' button and add your vote to what very well might be The LEGO Company's next CUUSOO set!

Image source: LEGO CUUSOO

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