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If you haven't already heard, the creator of the Space Marines project has been forced to change the projects name in order to prevent trademark infringement. The name 'Space Marines' is owned by Games Workshop.

Since then Nick Royer has re-submitted the project with the new name, 'Space Troopers'. The name change was successful and the LEGO CUUSOO Team made the following comment:
We agreed with the project creator, NickRoyer, to re-name the project “Space Troopers.” It is now back online, and will continue to participate in the LEGO Review. For background information, see the post below. -TC 12/11/2012

Nick did have some other ideas for names to replace Space Marines such as, Space Defense, Space Explorers and Exploration 2250.

What do you think of the new name change? Do you think any of the other suggestions by Nick would have been better than 'Space Troopers'?

Image source: LEGO CUUSOO

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