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71000 Minifigures Series 9 has now been officially confirmed as the official Collectible Minifigures site is updated at LEGO.com with the Series 9 line-up. The site features all the Series 9 bios and skills for all 16 new minifigures.

Eurobricks user, Whitefang, has accquired a complete box of all the Series 9 minifigures. Within the box are:
  • 2 Forest Maidens, Fortune Tellers, Hollywood Starlets, Plumbers, Roller Derby Girls, and Waiters
  • 4 Battle Mechs, Chicken Suit Guys, Judges, Mermaids, Mr Good and Evil(s), and Roman Emperors
  • 6 Alien Avengers, Cyclops(s), Heroic Knights, and Policemen

What do you think of the now confirmed Series 9 minifigures? Will you be purchasing any?

Image source: Brickipedia


  1. Fortune Teller is... well, I would prefer they hadn't made it.

    The Heroic Knight is quite cool. But then again, all of them are well designed.

    1. I agree, the Fortune Teller is rather dull and boring in appearance. My favourite minifigure from Series 9 would have to be the Battle Mech.


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