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The book publishing company DK are producing another LEGO book in collaboration with The LEGO Group but need your help to produce it. The upcoming book will be about minifigures.

They need fans like you to lend DK your minifigures for them to photograph. Anyone who makes a contribution to the upcoming book will be credited in the back of the book.

The following text has been taken from Brickset:
Calling all LEGO fans with large collections of minifigures!

Dorling Kindersley, publisher of many bestselling LEGO books, including The LEGO Book and LEGO Star Wars Character Encyclopedia, is seeking collectors with substantial collections of minifigures.

We are looking for collectors who would be willing to lend their minifigures to be photographed for an exciting new book created in collaboration with LEGO.

The photo shoots will be at the end of January and February in London. All minifigures will be treated with the greatest care and all expenses will be paid. Each collector's name will feature in the credits of the exciting new book.

We are seeking minifigures from sets released in 1978-2000 from the following themes: Town/City, Castle (including Ninja), Space, Sports, Pirates, Train, Aquazone, Freestyle, Time Cruisers, Western, Adventurers, Rock Raiders, Studios, and 1999 and 2000 Star Wars minifigures. We are also looking for any LEGO Brand Store exclusive minifigures.

We are also seeking non-minifigures from sets released in 1978-2000 from the following themes: Duplo, Fabuland, Technic, Basic, Belville, Primo, Scala and Mickey Mouse.

If you can help, please contact Helen Murray at helen.murray@uk.dk.com and Lisa Sodeau at lisa.sodeau@uk.dk.com. Please let us know roughly how many minifigures you have within the different themes and sub-themes and then we can take it from there. Thank you for your help!

Thanks to Brickset for the news.

Image source: Brickipedia

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