2 Review:Series 8 Vampire Bat

legit_football | 13:07 |
As per my last post, I bought a Vampire bat, pretty much just because the MF possibilities within the figure. Anyway, onto the review.

Pretty basic packaging, but black makes it harder to feel the bump codes on the bottom, so a slight flaw in the colour, but nothing serious.
A picture of the leaflet, pretty basic, but doesn't show either the vampire bat arms or head piece on this image above, nit odd, as they're supposed to showcase all of the figure's pieces, or at least one of the pieces.
A pretty basic figure, but an easy way to get a manbat figure piece. No back printing, which is a slight con, but good printing on the front. The figure has Chinese plastic, like mostALL Collectable Minifigures. But I noticed the Alien Villainess has NO Chinese Plastic, at all. This figure has chinese legs, torso and head. Anyway, only get this figure if you like Monster Fighters, seriously.


  1. Now on a scale of 1-5 Five being great 1 being horrible how exactly is the quality of this figure?

    1. If you aren't an MF fan - 2/5
      If you are an MF fan 3.5/5


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