5 Review: 30201 Ghost Polybag

legit_football | 01:03 |
I picked up the 30201 Ghost Polybag online, for only $10 AU (hooray!). It's a pretty good polybag, one figure, a ghost -

The only minifigure in the polybag, the ghost, does glow in the dark, and lasts for up to 30 minutes, which is a loooong time, I'm sure you'd agree. This pic is the ghost normal:
The ghost glowing (sorry for such a bad area, only way to capture it well)
The ghost does look pretty cool when he glows, so he definitely worth getting in this polybag. The Grandfather clock is a rather interesting build, a few different styles, a few SNOT (Studs Not on Top) slope pieces, which look pretty good.
Pretty good looking, the clock shows the Haunting Hour, (12:00am - 3:59am) which is pretty cool. Nice polybag in total, maybe soem explanation to why the ghost has the ball and chain, if Lord V wants to collect all the moonstones, why did he lock up a ghost? :S Pretty cool, I guess, I'll give it 4.5/5 -CzechMate


  1. Great review! How come the ghost only glows in the dark though for 30 minutes?

  2. Per time it is 30 minutes, as I think the plastic has a some sort of "fading" time, I'll examine it closely tomorrow. Thanks too :)

    1. Ah right, well please don't conduct any experiments that may damage your minifigure. :)

    2. I'm sure I won't ;). I'll just use a timer, and a few pillows around a small section ;).

  3. Maybe he was locked up because he was an insane ghost.


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